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Here is some important information that can help you, as a parent or guardian of a Tulane Student, help us to get your parcels delivered to your student in the most efficient manner possible.

Address Format
All items sent to students regardless of carrier must be addressed in the following format:


Use Commercial Shipping for all Carriers

When shipping an item please be sure to choose commercial service over residential service. Even though this is where the students live, it is considered a commercial address. Shipping commercial will give you a better price and more reliable delivery time.

Importance of mail code (mailbox) number
All mail and packages are sorted and organized by Mailbox number. Without this number items will go the back of the line for processing and could be delayed as much as a day depending on time of year and the volume.

No Residence Hall Deliveries
No deliveries are made to student residence halls. Only use the proper mailing address format, NEVER use the Residence hall name or room number in an address.

Ordering items for students

When ordering items for your student, please be sure that the Student’s Name and Mailbox number appear on the package. Often times when ordering items for a student the parents name appears on the package since they are the purchaser. Be sure to confirm with the vendor that the students name must appear. This is a particular problem with cell phone companies as the account is often in the parent’s name.

Urgent Items
When shipping urgent items such as medication we highly recommend using FedEx Express services. They have proven to be the most reliable with tracking and provide the earliest delivery to us, ensuring that the item is ready for the student to pick up in the early morning.

Saturday Deliveries
Mail Services is only able to accept deliveries on the first 4 Saturdays of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Please see our special hours for exact dates.

Flowers and perishable or special items

Mail Services accepts all deliveries for student’s living on campus, this includes flowers and other special delivery items. Use the same mailbox number and address even if ordering from a florist/bakery/ or other special service. Be sure to include the student’s phone number, as we will call them when they receive a perishable item. They will also receive a special email in addition to the regular package notice.

Mailbox Key Fees
Students are issued a mailbox key at the beginning of the school year. Students are responsible for this key’s return at the end of the school year (May). Students must have a mailbox key in order to pick up letter mail. This mail cannot be delivered over the counter.

Lost key replacements are $30 per instance.
If a key is found within 5 business days a refund can be given, with original purchase receipt

End of Year Non Return fee is $60
and will be charged to the student’s Accounts Receivable if the mailbox key is not turned in by the published due date (typically the end of May) this fee is  non-refundable. This fee covers the cost and labor of replacing the mailbox lock. Please remind your student to return their mailbox key before they leave for the summer

USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation

Delivery information provided by the USPS does not reflect the actual delivery date and time an item arrives on campus. Items are scanned at the Post Office servicing the final delivery point prior to being loaded and delivered to campus. There is often a delay of several hours or up to a day in some cases before items arrive on campus and are processed for students.

Summer Storage

Spring Move Out (information on shipping back to home, mailbox renewal, and summer forwarding)

Off Campus Students
Campus mailboxes and package receiving are only available to students who reside in university housing. We simply do not have the capacity to offer mailboxes to off campus students. One option to consider is private mailbox rentals at the nearby UPS Store located on South Claiborne Ave close to the back side of campus. For more information visit

Restricted Items
(Items that should not be shipped to campus)

Package Tracking


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