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The following items should NOT be shipped/mailed to Tulane University via Mail Services.


Cash (US Mail is sorted by many machines before it arrives at Tulane.  We do on occasion receive items which have been damaged in transit and their contents missing.)

Liquids (especially dyes, inks, soaps, shampoos, detergents,etc)   Liquids can be damaged in transit and may cause damage to not only your package but to adjacent packages as well.

We understand that some of these items maybe necessary for students.  There are both on campus and nearby resources where students can obtain these items. 

Click here to view Information on items which are prohibited in dorm rooms and should not be shipped to Tulane. (See:  Prohibited items)

Please note many carriers have restrictions on what can be shipped.  

The following are links to some common carrier resources:

                     USPS                    FEDEX                      UPS








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