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Spring Move out is a busy time of year for students, but there are important items that must be handled relating to their mail and personal items. This page highlights some of these items and services available to students.

Mailbox  Renewal  & Summer Mail Forwarding

If you are returning to campus housing next fall you must renew your mailbox in order to keep the same number. You must also confirm your summer address so that we can redirect your mail until you return in the Fall.

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Mail Forwarding


Key Returns

If you are leaving for the summer you MUST return your mailbox key prior to your departure. Keys must be returned to Mail Services by May 22, 2017 or else a non-refundable $60 charge will be assessed to your accounts receivable.
You MUST return keys either to the Mail Services counter or place them in the Mail Drop Box Next to the Counter. DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN YOUR MAILBOX.
Frequently Asked Questions on Mailbox Renewal, Summer Forwarding, and Key Returns

Move Out Shipping

FedEx Office will be available for all Move Out related shipping. Special Move Out shipping operations will be available in the Pederson Lobby of the LBC.  We encourage you to avoid the rush and get your boxes early. Please visit the FedEx Office in the LBC if you have any questions about shipping or need further assistance. Look for special announcements when the final days and hours of operation will be announced for this spring.

Summer Storage

Summer storage is offered by several university approved vendors. For more information please visit the Summer Storage information page.


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