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University Approved Storage Vendors

The University annually (in late spring) authorizes vendors to provide summer storage services to students who live on campus.  Vendors are selected to assure students a variety of service options and that the vendors will adhere to University contractual and insurance standards.  Included in this process is a review of the vendor’s business processes, prior service history, insurance coverage, agreed standards of performance, and adhere to university policies including those from Mail Services, Housing, and Public Safety.

The vendor(s) listed below have been approved based on appropriately servicing student needs last year along with meeting the other requirements.  

Spring 2017 Approved Storage Vendors

 Summertime Storage
(504) 656-4214

Unapproved Storage Vendors

Should a student use a company that is not a University approved vendor, the student assumes full responsibility for the actions of the vendor and their staff while they are on campus. It is highly encouraged that students and their families thoroughly research any company you choose to use.

Fall Delivery of Stored Items

Each University approved storage vendor handles fall redelivery differently. Some vendors have specific dorms scheduled for specific days and others are on a space available basis. Contact your vendor as early as possible once you know your fall dorm assignment and arrival date in order to get your first choice date for redelivery.




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