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STUDENT MAIL                             

Resident students on the uptown campus are served by Tulane’s Mail Services Department located at Bruff Commons. Each resident student is assigned a unique 4-digit code to identify his or her mail and packages. 
Stamps are available for purchase from the stamp vending machine located in Bruff Commons and there is an outbound mailbox located close by.  Outbound package shipping services are provided by the FedEx Office located in the LBC.
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Mailbox Assignments

Campus mailboxes are available to all students who reside in university housing. Assignments are made by the Mail Services department. New students arriving in the Fall semester will be notified of their mailbox assignment by e-mail and regular US Mail the first week of August. Students who have not received a mailbox assignment by the end of the second week of August should contact Mail Services by e-mail at  (back to top)

Address format

Please use the following format for all mail and packages sent to you at Tulane University.  The last 3 lines of the address are all capitalized. NO alpha characters should appear with the four digit mailbox number, (i.e. “BOX”, “SLOT”, “MB”, “MR”, or “PO”)

Items addressed as PO BOX will be misrouted by the USPS to an alternate location in the city and will lead to delays in students receiving the item.

Tulane Mail Services can accept items from all major carriers, the mailbox is NOT a PO Box address.

Boldly marking the sides of all packages with the mailbox number will improve handling time once the item arrives at Tulane.

Mailboxes are only available to students who reside in university housing. If the student moves off campus for any reason, they will not be able to keep a campus mailbox. Please refer to the forwarding section for information on changing your address.  Students cannot receive mail for any other names or company names even if it has the correct mailbox number.  (back to top)

Student Mailbox Address Format:

Mailbox Keys

All student mailbox holders are issued a mailbox key.
Each school year students must check in at Mail Services to pickup their mailbox key and sign their mailbox contract.
You  must have your key in order to check your mail. Mail from the mailbox will not be handed over the counter.

Lost Keys
If you have lost your key, you can purchase a replacement at the Mail Services service counter. The cost of replacements are $30 each. If you find your key within 5 working days you can get a full refund, by returning the replacement with your purchase receipt. (refunds will not be given without a receipt).

End of year key returns
All mailbox keys must be returned at the end of the school year (May), or if you move off campus at any time during the school year. Students will be charged an non-refundable fee of $60 to their accounts receivable if their key is not returned by the posted deadline. This fee covers the costs associated with replacing the mailbox lock for security reasons. Students who will be living on campus during the summer session will be given an exception to this provided they register with Mail Services prior to the deadline.  (back to top)

Student Mail Delivery

Student letters and periodicals are delivered daily by the US Postal Service. This mail is sorted and placed into the mailboxes throughout the business day. Please be patient as sorting and boxing  of the mail takes time due to the large quantity we receive every day. All correctly addressed mail will be in the mailboxes by 4pm.

It is the boxholder’s responsibility to confirm that all entities corresponding to them by mail are using the correct address format. Your correct name and mailbox must appear on all items sent to you. First class mail incorrectly addressed will be subject to delay or returned to the sender for address correction.   (back to top)

Student Magazine Subscription Delivery

Magazines must have your correct mailbox number appear in the address section. It is the boxholders responsibility to confirm with the publisher or subscription service that the complete address appears on the magazine. Magazines without a mailbox number will be subject to delay and may be returned to the sender for address correction.   All mail must be addressed to the student boxholder’s name only.  (back to top)


Misboxed Mail and Misdelivered Packages

If you receive mail in your mailbox that was incorrectly slotted or a package that was erroneously released to you, please return it to Mail Services immediately. DO NOT OPEN IT. If it is after hours you can return the mail to the outgoing mail box located on the first floor in Bruff Commons. Students are responsible for immediately returning to Mail Services any items (letters and packages) you receive in error or which are not addressed to you. (back to top)


Package Delivery & Pickup

Tulane Mail Services accepts packages for students from all major carriers throughout the business day. All items must be sorted and logged into our internal tracking system before the package can be picked up. An e-mail notification will be sent to the student’s Tulane e-mail address informing them that a package is available for pickup at Mail Services in Bruff. To claim a package, bring your Splash Card (Tulane ID) to the Mail Services counter, first floor in Bruff Commons. (back to top)

You will be required to sign for all packages.

Getting your Packages to your residence hall room

Hand trucks are available to Tulane students to borrow from Mail Services. In order to borrow a handtruck the student is required to leave an approved form of collateral to insure the prompt return of the equipment. The following are the ONLY approved forms of collateral: 

  • Splashcard (Tulane ID)
  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID
  • Cell Phone (If leaving a cell phone the student must also leave their name and mailbox number)

Hand trucks should be returned as soon as possible. Handtrucks not returned in a timely manner will be subject to a charge for the value of the equipment to the student’s accounts receivable. (back to top)

Misdelivered Items

Students are responsible for immediately returning to Mail Services any items (letters and packages) you receive in error or which are not addressed to you.  (back to top)

Damaged Packages

Mail Services will make notation items that appear to be damaged as they are received from the carrier. If you discover additional internal damage or missing contents you must report this to the carrier. Mail Services can assist you if necessary, but all claims must be handled through the original shipper. You should not discard any packaging until the carrier tells you to do so, they may wish to inspect the item.    (back to top)

Package Inquiry/lost package tracers

If there appears to be a problem please have the carrier and tracking number information available before asking for assistance. (back to top)

Incorrect address and Missing Box number items

Items received with a missing or incorrect mailbox number will be subject to delays in processing. Properly addressed items will get first priority and incorrectly addressed items may not be ready until late in the day or the following day depending on volume.   Please click here for proper addressing information. (back to top)

Unidentified Recipient Items

Mail Services often receives items with an unknown name and no mailbox number, many times it is the name of a parent or person ordering merchandise for a student. Items received with a unknown recipient will be logged in based on the information on the package, these items will be held for 7 to 10 working days before being returned to the sender. To claim an item please have as much information as you can about an item, such as tracking number and name of sender.

Emergency Package Pickup Authorization

If for any reason you are unable to pick up a package due to illness or emergency, you can designate another student to pick up the item for you. Please send an e-mail to with your name and mailbox number and the name of the person you are authorizing to pick up your item.  (back to top)


Moving off campus, leave of absence or leaving the university

If you leave Tulane or relocate to an off campus residence, it is your responsibility to inform Tulane Mail Services of your new address.
Please complete a Tulane Mail Services Mail Forwarding Form (you can request the form by sending an e-mail to
We will forward all USPS first class mail, packages and periodicals for a period of 3 months.
We cannot forward mail to an international address.  Domestic addresses only.
We cannot forward items sent by a private carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.)  These items will be returned to the sender
Be sure to inform all parties that send you mail of your new address as soon as possible.  Be sure to update your address with all online retailers (Amazon, e-bay, etc) that you frequently use.
You will also need to update your address with the Tulane Registrar's Office via Gibson Online.  (back to top)

Summer Forwarding

Mail Services will forward mail during the summer for all students away from Tulane.  Please complete the Forwarding/Box Renewal Form with your summer forwarding information and future status.  Summer forwarding begins about the third week in May and runs until the first week of August. 
Only USPS mail will be forwarded.  Items from private carriers will be returned to the sender.
If your forwarding address is international your mail will be held during the summer and available when you return for the fall semester.  (back to top)


Retail shipping services are available on campus at the FedEx Office location in the Lavin-Bernick Center.
Mail Services will accept pre-paid shipping from all major carriers.
Postage stamps are available from the vending machine located in Bruff Commons adjacent to the Mail Services counter, which only accepts Tulane debit (not cash).
A drop box for outgoing US mail is located next to the Mail Services counter and is available 24 hours a day.
Retail US Mail services are available from the contract Post Office located on Loyola University's Danna Center, or you may use "Click and Ship" available at
Final U.S. Mail and private carrier pickup is at 4PM Monday through Friday.  (back to top)


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