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Limitations of USPS Delivery Confirmation

The U.S. Post Office offers a "Delivery Confirmation" service that, according to the USPS website, gives a postal customer the date, zip code and time of delivery or attempted delivery of their shipment.  Tulane Mail Services has found that USPS Delivery Confirmation is not designed for bulk mail deliveries and this has lead to a few misunderstandings about the service.  The delivery date and time generally refer to the time the item was sorted for final delivery at the local Post Office and not the actual physical delivery to the destination.

If you have a carrier tracking number you can check the status via the carrier's website:

Please remember that items both for students and departments must be processed via our internal tracking system before they are available to pick up.  We strive to minimize this time, but it will vary based on the carrier delivery time and total volume that day.  

If you still need further assistance, please complete the appropriate Package Tracer Form:

Student Package Tracer
For items going to students living on campus.

Departmental Package Tracer
For faculty , staff or university departments.



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