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Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 104

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Monday- Friday 9:00AM-5:30PM

Saturday 11:00AM-3:00PM
Except University Holidays

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(504) 862-8059 (Phone)
(877) 623-0023 (Toll free)

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Technology Connection Repair Center

Who we are:

We are the Tulane owned and operated on-campus source for repairs to student and departmental Apple and Dell computers. We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have both Apple and Dell certified technicians on staff. We have contracts with Apple and Dell to provide efficient repair services for you.

Where we are:

Technology Connection Repair is located on the 1st floor of the Lavin-Bernick Center (Suite 104) in the center of campus. 

What we do:

We provide computer repair services to Tulane students, faculty, and staff, whether it is hardware, software, or advice. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider we honor AppleCare. As certified Dell technicians we can service most Dell warranties as well.

How we do it:

If we are unable to resolve your issue during your 15-minute consultation, we can check your computer for further diagnostic assessment. Normally, it takes 1-3 days from check-in to start the assessment. When we start the assessment we will notify you. We will then notify you again once we have a diagnosis. If your computer and its issue are covered by a warranty, we will order the part and repair it. If your computer and/or its issue are not covered by a warranty, we will quote you for the cost of the parts needed for the repair and email it to you. Once the quote is paid, we order and replace the part.



Technology Connection, 104 Lavin-Bernick Center  504–862-8059