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Advertising Opportunities – Hop on Board!

Connect your Tulane University program, event or service with our shuttle riders.  This captive audience is on the bus an average of 15-20 minutes each day, reading your message installed above the windows and on hang-straps inside our shuttle buses.  Passengers include Tulane University faculty, staff and students, and Loyola University students. Annual ridership is approximately 250,000 and growing! 

Tulane Shuttles and Transportation operates fixed-route shuttles, seven days a week, 12 months a year.  Your ad will appear in all of our buses (whether panel ads or hang strap ads) on every line to give your message exposure to all riders, regardless of destination.

Who Can Advertise?

Tulane University departments, academic units, centers, campus events and recognized student organizations may purchase advertising space on a first-come first-served basis.  Commercial advertising by off-campus businesses, organizations, entities, and individuals is NOT permitted.  

Ads must follow the guidelines set forth within the Tulane University Public Posting, Advertising and Solicitation Policies.

a. The department or organization sponsoring the event must have its name and contact information (phone number, e-mail or website and/or postal address) visible on the ad.
b. Advertising of events that serve alcohol must be handled in a responsible manner without promotion of excessive drinking. Overt or covert reference or illustration to alcohol is prohibited.   Advertising events in which alcohol will be served must follow the Student Guide to the Tulane Alcohol Beverage Policy as set forth by the university and approved by the university senate.
c. Publicity must not degrade groups or individuals.
d. The Office of University Services reserves the right to reject advertising material deemed inappropriate or fails to comply with university guidelines.

Where will your ads be placed?

Interior bus advertising panels are positioned in frames above the windows.   Hang-strap ads are hung from ceiling-mounted hand rails and inserted into the acrylic hand grip. The hang-strap ads are double-sided.  Your ad will appear on one side.

Ad Design and Specifications

a. The advertiser is responsible for ad creation and design.
b. All ads will be printed, installed and removed by Tulane Shuttles & Transportation.
c. Ads must follow the specifications set forth below.

Panel Ad:

Trim size: 20” wide x 10.5” high.
Live matter area: 19.5” wide x 9.5” high.  Live matter area is the space your message can occupy and safely be read, free from any metal framing that holds the panel in place.  Color bleed (but not copy) can extend to the trim size dimensions.
Note: These panels are horizontal and full color.

Hang-Strap Insert Ad:

Trim size: 5” wide x 2.75” high.
Live matter area: 5” wide x 2.75” high.
Note: These inserts are horizontal and full color.  
                                              [Ad Panel sample]                                             [Hang-Strap sample]  

      Ad Panel Sample    Hang Strap Sample

What are the ad costs and when will the ads run?

Pricing below includes advertisement printing, space rental, installation and removal. It does not include idea creation and production of the ad to print-ready art.

For frequent message changing, we suggest purchasing the Hang-Strap Insert Ad space in one week, two week or monthly increments or monthly Ad Panel space.  Purchasing a full semester allows for one message printing only, however the purchase of an annual contract allows for two message printings per year for the Ad Panels and three message printings per year for the Hang-Straps.

10 bus advertising prices                                                

How to request ad space

a. Complete the Transit Advertising Request form. Upon receipt of request, you will be contacted within 72 hours to notify you of space availability.
b. Submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee space availability or approval.
c. Once you have been advised of space availability, an Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) with your department or organization’s account number and approvals are required before ad printing will begin.
d. Your final artwork in 300 dpi pdf format should be submitted to for approval, printing and installation by deadline noted in the pricing schedule above.

*This Transit Advertising Policy may be updated as needed and rates are subject to change. Before your purchase, please check to be aware of any changes or updates.  

Due to operational demands and fleet maintenance, at times it is necessary to take a bus out of service temporarily.


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