Dear Colleagues,

Tulane wants to make you aware of this opportunity to reduce your costs in the 2015 HRA Medical Plan. This is an opportunity to qualify to have Tulane contribute $500 toward your $1,500 deductible if you have individual coverage or to contribute $1,000 to your $3,000 deductible if you have family coverage.

There are two easy steps to take: one, get your free annual preventive care exam, and two, take your on-line health assessment. These two steps will insure that you will be provided a reduced deductible when you need it most.  All preventive care exams given by a UHC provider from November 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014 will count toward the 2015 HRA incentive. 

1.      Schedule and complete your free (no copay or coinsurance) preventive care exam with your medical provider.   Make an appointment today.

2.      Complete the online Health Assessment available through the United Healthcare website,  Having the results of your free preventive care exam will be helpful but is not required to complete the Assessment.  After you submit the health assessment, you'll receive a profile. The profile will tell you what you're doing well and give suggestions for areas that could use some attention.

Please know that individual health information collected by UHC will not be shared with Tulane and will not impact your health insurance premium. The information will be used by UHC to help them identify wellness suggestions for you.

We will continue to offer a choice of two medical plans, the HRA and the Point of Service (POS).  Regardless of which plan you choose, there will be an increased focus on awareness of your own health and well-being which will contribute to your productivity and quality of life.

Please note that the premiums for health insurance in 2015 will be finalized this fall and will be announced during Open Enrollment in October.

More information about Tulane's health plans and this fall's Open Enrollment will be posted on the Workforce Management website beginning this summer.

If you have questions, you can reach Workforce Management at (504) 865-5280 or email us at

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