Staff Salary Structures

Tulane administers base pay for its classified staff positions by using a pay structure comprised of a series of pay grades and ranges.  As an administrative practice, a job is placed into a pay grade and a target pay level is established for the position (the midpoint of the range or market rate), along with a specific minimum (the lowest salary to be paid to an incumbent in the pay grade) and a specific maximum (the maximum or highest rate Tulane will pay for a job assigned to that particular pay grade).

No employee may be compensated an amount less than the employee's assigned pay grade minimum.

Starting Salaries for new hires should reflect the value of the job and current allowable hiring ranges.  Department heads are responsible for considering internal pay equity regarding a proposed new hire salary. 

Tulane hiring rates for jobs will be dependent upon the skills and progressive job experience of the candidate.  Typical candidates who have minimal up to five years of experience should be hired at 80% to 90% of the salary range midpoint.  Those with more than five years of progressive experience in a comparable job, who can demonstrate superior past performance can be hired at 90% up to 100% of the salary range midpoint.

The midpoint of the range is the proxy for the targeted market rate of the job.  In theory, only employees who consistently exceed performance standards on a sustained basis might expect a salary above the midpoint.

The University’s standard work week for most staff positions totals 37.5 hours. Employees who work in some positions in Facilities Services, Public Safety, and the Tulane University Medical Group work a standard 40-hour work week. 

The following salary structure tables define the ranges of salaries to be paid for each pay grade based on the employee’s standard work week.







Tulane University and the Jeanne Clery Act

Tulane University is committed to assisting all members of the community in providing for their own safety and security. 
Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, and more information on the Jeanne Clery Act is available on the TUPD website.

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