Staff Performance Review User Support

An employee’s ability to be an effective team member, demonstrate a positive attitude, show a commitment to excellence and other contributions all have a powerful impact on a department’s efficiency and smooth operation. These important aspects of employee performance are addressed in the Performance Management Review document.

We understand Performance Management can be overwhelming, so we’ve offered tools to help you navigate and successfully complete the performance review process. Below, you will find several resources to assist you through the process.

You will find a link to user guides to assist in completing the online form. The Resources link connects you to computer skills training offered by Technology Services, which may be used as a developmental tool for employees who need to improve their computer skills. We offer a selection of free seminars that are available through the Employee Assistance Program on a variety of subjects, including Building Successful Teams, Time Management, Motivating Staff and Improving Morale, and many others. These seminars offer growth opportunities to employees and supervisors alike. In addition to the live seminars, you’ll find a link to online videos that can be viewed right at your desk. These online videos offer managerial guidance on topics such as communication, recognition, and leadership.


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