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Where is the form?
The same system as last year will be available on December 1, 2017 at

  • If you are unable to access BPM through one internet browser, please copy and paste the website into a different internet browser. BPM works best with Google Chrome.
  • BPM does not integrate well with Macs. Please access BPM through a PC.

What is the review period?
January through December 2017.

When are reviews due?
The deadline for completing reviews is February 28, 2018.

What do I need?
You will need a signed job description and Tulane ID number. Tulane IDs may be found at Gibson Online.

Important tips?

  • As the system times out periodically for security reasons, save your work frequently by pressing "Save".
  • "Metastorm, No Engines' error: Please erase the auto-populated user name/password and manually retype your password.  You can also try another browser.
  • To Do List = Items requiring your attention in order to continue the process.
  • Watch List = Evaluations in progress, pending actions from someone else.

Is training available?
Training and support materials are available on the HR website under the “Performance Review User Support” page to assist in using the tool. Additionally, departments may request training sessions to be conducted by Employee Relations by contacting Ruth Riley at


Performance reviews offer you and your staff a great way to facilitate open, face-to-face communication of the employee's job performance over the past year, identifying accomplishments, development opportunities and goal setting for the next year.  Specific, constructive feedback aids in fostering employee satisfaction, engagement, increased productivity and retention as the employee recognizes how their role contributes to the success of the University. We continue to receive positive feedback that Tulane employees' value these discussions with their supervisors.

The review tool is comprised of three sections: 1) Employee Results, 2) Tulane Values and 3) Growth.

  1. Employee Results
    The Employee Results rating is based on the work performance as related to the key responsibilities and performance standards outlined in the job description for that position. Supervisors may also elect to measure Employee Results from goals that were established in the beginning of the rating period.

  2. Tulane Values
    The Tulane Values rating is based on behavioral values that are important to carrying out the fundamental mission of the University. Customer Focus, Initiative, Integrity & Trust, Positive Influence, Quality & Achievement Orientation, and Teamwork & Cooperation are the common values all staff members are evaluated upon. In addition, managerial staff members are reviewed based upon the values of Empowerment, Performance Excellence and Performance Management.

  3. Growth
    The Growth section addresses growth in skills/knowledge that the employee acquired over the past 12 months that enable him/her to contribute more to the University. Growth is also measured by assessing the contribution in activities or responsibilities that the employee now performs that he/she was not required to perform 12 months ago.

Questions about the performance review process should be directed to the Employee Relations team in the Office of Human Resources: 

Questions about technical issues with the system should be directed to Lisa Martin at or (504) 314-2680.



  • Online Performance Review Form
    • Important Note - The system times out periodically for security reasons. Save your work frequently by pressing "Save."

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