Jury Duty

The University encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibility to serve as a juror when called. However, the University reserves the right to request that you be released from jury duty if your absence will negatively impact University operations.  If you are called for jury duty, you must present the summons to your supervisor as soon as it is received.

Staff employees who are categorized as regular full-time and regular part-time with benefits will receive pay during involuntary jury duty. Part-time employees will receive pay based on the percentage of full-time for which they are scheduled. Temporary employees are allowed time off but will not be paid.

You are required to report to work at the completion of each day of jury service if it concludes prior to the end of your scheduled work hours. When you return to work at the conclusion of your period of jury duty, you must provide evidence of your dates and times of service to your supervisor.

For more detailed information, go to the Staff Handbook or contact the Office of Human Resources Leave Coordinator at (504) 865-4748.

HR, University Square, 200 Broadway, Suite 122, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5280