Sick Leave

The purpose of sick leave is to provide time off for you to treat and/or recover from personal illness or to tend to the illness of an immediate family member (child, parent, legal spouse, or same-gender domestic partner) which requires your personal attention.

Staff employees who are categorized as regular full-time or regular part-time with benefits earn sick leave. 

Full-time staff employees earn 1 day of sick leave per full calendar month worked.  Regular part-time employees earn a pro-rated amount of sick leave based on the percentage of full-time which they work.

You may not use sick leave before it is earned.

Your supervisor may request proof of the illness and an explanation why your personal attention is required prior to approving payment for sick leave.  

Sick leave may be disallowed if you do not report to your supervisor within 2 hours after your regular time to report to work.  In addition, you will be required to submit a doctor’s certificate verifying the illness after 3 consecutive missed workdays. 

You are not paid for any unused sick leave upon termination of your employment with the University.

Employees who are absent for more than 5 days, must apply for leave by contacting the Office of Human Resources Leave Coordinator.

You will need to submit documentation that may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources Leave Coordinator.  

For more detailed information, go to the Staff Handbook or contact the Office of Human Resources Leave Coordinator at (504) 865-4748.

HR, University Square, 200 Broadway, Suite 122, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5280