Vacation Leave

Staff employees who are categorized as either regular full-time or regular part-time with benefits earn vacation leave. 

Staff employees who are categorized as regular part-time with benefits can earn a pro-rated amount of vacation leave based on the percentage of full time they work.

Vacation leave is earned for each completed pay period. The rate at which you accrue vacation leave varies depending on whether your work week is 37.5 or 40 hours long. 


Year of Employment

Rate of Accrual

(hrs. per month)

Maximum Accrual Per Year (days)


37½ hour work week

40 hour work week






2 – 10








Research Postdoctoral Fellows earn 5 days of vacation leave annually and must use accrued vacation during the year it is accrued or lose it; they may not carry over unused accrued vacation to the following year.  Research Postdoctoral Fellows will receive payment for any accrued but unused vacation leave when employment with the University terminates.

Vacation leave may also be donated to the vacation transfer pool. 

You may not use vacation leave before it is accrued.  You do not accrue vacation leave unless and until you have completed 6 consecutive months of employment with the University.  If you resign or are terminated prior to completing 6 consecutive months of employment, you have no accrued vacation leave. 

If you transfer from one department to another, your accrued vacation leave will transfer with you.  If you transfer from a staff position to a faculty or administrative position, a record of your vacation leave accrued prior to the transfer will be maintained, and unless you are a Research Postdoctoral Fellow, you will receive payment for any accrued but unused vacation leave when your employment with the University terminates at the pay rate applicable prior to the transfer. 

You are required to give your supervisor at least two 2 weeks prior notice of a desired period of vacation leave.  Every consideration will be given to your request for vacation leave; however, your supervisor is responsible for scheduling vacations according to departmental needs.  

Exempt employees with accrued vacation leave may request a period of vacation leave in half day increments.

If you terminate your employment with the University after at least 6 consecutive months of service, you will receive payment for your accrued but unused vacation leave.

Time off for vacation must be entered into the Kronos timekeeping system.

For more detailed information, go to the Staff Handbook or contact the Office of Human Resources at (504) 865-4748.

HR, University Square, 200 Broadway, Suite 122, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5280