Psyc611 Exam Information


The noncumulative exams each will comprise a standard written portion and an SPSS portion.

The written portion of the exam will be administered to the entire class during a single classroom period for 75 minutes. A random 50% of the class will take the exam in 3015D, and the remaining students will take the exam in 3023; the instructor and teaching assistant will proctor. The written portions of the noncumulative exams will be held on February 28 and on April 17, respectively, and each will be worth 66% of the exam grade.

For the written portions of the exams, you may bring only a writing utensil to the exam. Formulae will be provided, and tables if they are needed. Answers to "computational" problems will not require any arithmetic. Click here for an example of what I mean by providing an answer without actually carrying out the arithmetic

The SPSS portion of the exam will be 30 minutes in length, and will be administered in 3023. A random 50% of the class will take the exam from 9:35-10:05, and will be asked to remain in the classroom until 10:05. The remaining 50% of the class will take the exam from 10:10 - 10:40. Students who have already taken the exam should exit 3023 quietly, and not discuss the exam in the presence of students awaiting the exam. The prohibition against talking will be enforced strictly, so even casual conversation should be avoided until the groups are isolated. Students beginning at 10:10 should be ON TIME to avoid any accidental conversation with the earlier group. The SPSS portion of the noncumulative exams will be held on March 4 and April 22, respectively, and will be worth the remaining 34% of the exam grade.

For the SPSS portion of the exam, you may bring the Howell textbook, class notes, lab assignments, calculators, and writing utensils. SPSS manuals or facsimiles of pages from such manuals are prohibited

The final exam, per the published schedule of classes, will be at the time posted on the official exam schedule. We'll split the class between 3015D and 3023 again, to give you some elbow room.

Students are expected to abide by the Honor Code. Exams are not a collaborative exercise, so understand that use of cell phones, electronic mail, and other forms of commmunication during exams is prohibited.

Students should record only their SS# on their examinations.

Updated formulae (MSPowerpoint)
Format for Written Exam 1 (MSWord)
Format for Written Exam 2 (MSWord)
Example of how to answer without doing computations (pdf)
Practice SPSS midterm exam(html file)
Data from exam 1 SPSS(MSExcel file)
Sample Exam 2 Data
Final Format(MSWord file)

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