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Lab C

Lab C(One-way Between Groups ANOVA)

An experimenter was interested in whether religious preference was associated with level of anxiety about an upcoming philosophy exam. She administered the test to five groups: Methodists, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, and Atheists. In your response to the questions, use the data set assigned to you by the teaching assistant.


1. Identify the independent and dependent variables.

2. State the null hypothesis in both words and symbols

3. Perform an ANOVA and present the summary table of your analysis.

4. Calculate nS2x

5. Calculate the variance for each group and average these terms as S2/g

6. Form an F-ratio using nS2x / S2/g

7. Compare this F-ratio to the one calculated in your summary table. What does this tell you about the F-ratio?

8. What conclusions can be drawn from your data?