Post-Doctoral Positions

There are no openings for Postdoctoral Fellows in the Albert Lab at this time.


Graduate Students

At Tulane University's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department, new students must apply to the department first (rather than to an individual professor), and then once accepted, they choose a research project and professor to work with. Interested students are encouraged to apply online at: Applications for the Fall semester are accepted from September through December of the preceeding year. Students who are interested in working with Dr. Albert may request additional information about the research group and anticipated openings by emailing Dr. Albert. General questions about the program and application process should be directed to Hank Ashbaugh.

Undergraduate Students

Tulane undergraduate students who are interested in doing research in the Albert Lab should contact Dr. Albert with a brief statement of research interests and resume. Students who wish to do research during the academic school year should plan to enroll for Independent Study credit(s) and are strongly encouraged to apply for undergraduate research grants through the Dean’s Grant Program ( and/or the Newcomb College Institute Research Grants Program (

Tulane undergradaute students who seek summer research opportunities should contact Dr. Albert no later than March 1 and plan to apply for a CELT Summer Research Fund grant ( Pending the availability of funds, students doing research over the summer will receive a modest stipend for their work.

Non-Tulane undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for summer research opportunities through the SMART REU program (