How to Flunk Out of College

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Most students don’t know what to expect when they get to college. Many of them flunk out because they aren’t prepared for the fast lane of drugs, broken hearts, evil roommates, spiritual crisis, fraternities, parties and other landmines that dot the path to graduation. Dr. Fleury is a seasoned navigator through these troubled waters, having nearly flunked out freshman year. Distilling the wisdom that comes from personal misadventure and hundreds of hours counseling students with similar problems, this humorous college survival guide is filled with insider tips designed to keep you from flunking out.

Dr. Fleury teaches biology at Tulane University. He almost flunked out freshman year, and later dropped out of graduate school. He went on to earn three graduate degrees (MA, MS, PhD) and to pursue two successful careers, as a college librarian and college professor. Teaching over 500 students a year, he’s learned that most students face the same problems that he confronted as an undergraduate.

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Table of Contents

Preface – How to Flunk Out of College
Chapter 1 – Brave New World
Chapter 2 – Changing Your Major
Chapter 3 – Your Life, Your Rules
Chapter 4 – You Are Not Alone
Chapter 5 – The Curve
Chapter 6 – Computer Games
Chapter 7 – The Siren Song of the Internet
Chapter 8 – Frats and Clubs
Chapter 9 – You Can't Go Home Again
Chapter 10 – Falling in Love with Love
Chapter 11 – Going to Class
Chapter 12 – Visiting Your Professor
Chapter 13 – Roommates from Hell
Chapter 14 – Learn from the Best, Learn from the Worst
Chapter 15 – Drugs – Lots and Lots of Drugs
Chapter 16 – Cheating – What Would Your Mom Say?
Chapter 17 – Am I Going to Go to Hell?
Chapter 18 – How to Really Tick Off Your Prof
Chapter 19 – Party On, Dude
Chapter 20 – Getting a Job – Can You Afford It?
Chapter 21 – Study Skills – No Joke!
Chapter 22 – How to Write a Decent Term Paper
Chapter 23 – How to Survive Graduate School
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