Egrets flock to a Louisiana
          crawfish farm, Photo by B. E. Fleury

Dr. Bruce E. Fleury

Senior Professor of the Practice Emeritus
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Louisiana has become the population center for many species of colonial wading birds. Yet there has been a conspicuous lack of research into wading bird population trends in our state, and to the quality of their foraging habitats. My dissertation established the importance of Louisiana’s wetland and aquacultural habitats to the success of wading birds in the southeast. I compared the quality of natural wetland foraging habitats with that of several crawfish farms, and found strong evidence that the expansion of the crawfish industry was a primary factor explaining long-term increases in species that exploited this new aquacultural habitat.

The initial results of this research were published in the Auk and in Conservation Biology. I plan to focus next on seasonal changes in prey availability, and hope to examine the spatial and temporal patterns of food availability as part of the larger problem of how food limitation affects reproductive success.

Recent Publications

Dinosaurs: A Guide to Research, New York: Garland Press, 1992.

Dinosaurs, (Bibliographic Essay), Choice 26 (#4), December 1988, p.609-620.

Crisis in the Crawfish Ponds, Living Bird, Winter 1994, p.28-34.

Long-term population trends of colonial wading birds in the southern United States: the impact of crayfish aquaculture on Louisiana populations, with Thomas W. Sherry. Auk, 112:613-632, 1995.

Conservation of large, nomadic populations of White Ibises (Eudocimus albus) in the United States, with Peter Frederick, Keith Bildstein, and John Ogden. Conservation Biology 10:203-216, Feb. 1996.

Agricultural Wetlands and the Conservation of Colonial Wading Birds in Louisiana, with T. W. Sherry and Jay V. Huner, In: L. P. Rozas et al. (eds.), Recent Research in Coastal Louisiana, Proceedings of the 1998 LUMCON Conference on Natural Ecosystem Function and Response to Human Influences, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, 1999.

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