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Directories/Telephone Sources

Louisiana Legislature 2004-2008 Grass-Roots Guide.   6th ed. (Lafayette, LA: Louisiana Governmental Studies, Inc., 1996).

Profiles of Senators and Representatives are included with addresses and phone numbers. Also included are analyses of each person's district and election results.
The Tulane Law Library has this item in the Reference Collection (JK 4774.5 .G73 2008).

Louisiana State Government Telephone Directory.   (Baton Rouge, LA: Office of Telecommunications Management, 2002).

This contains listings of phone numbers for state agencies arranged alphabetically by city. It includes fax numbers for federal and state legislators and toll free numbers.
The Tulane Law Library has the current copy in the Reference Collection (Go 100.9/2 ladocs 2002).

State Legislative Sourcebook.   By Lynn Hellebust. (Topeka, KS: Government Research Service, 2007).

Bill status telephone numbers are listed by state. Phone numbers are given where copies of bills can be ordered. State specific publications are listed for helpful information on subjects such as party politics, voting statistics, and lobbying.
The Tulane Law Library has the current copy on Reserve (JK 2495 .S689 2007 ).

Other Information Sources

The Book of the States.   1996-97 ed. Volume 39. (Lexington, KY: Council for State Governments, 2007).

This volume includes information on state constitutions, executive branches, legislative branches, the judiciary and elections, state agencies and other information about the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories.
The Tulane Law Library has this item (JK 2403 .B6 v.39 2007).

PAR Guide to the Louisiana Legislature.    By Public Affairs Research Council. (Baton Rouge, LA: PAR, 2000).

This guide explains the structure and duties of the Louisiana legislature and its components. It also discusses the process of bill passage. Includes biographies of legislators.
The Tulane Law Library has this title (JK 4771 .L68 2000).

Subject Compilations of State Laws.   By Cheryl R. Nyberg. (Urbana, IL: Carol Boast and Cheryl Nyberg, 2006).

The most recent book of an nine volume set covers 1995-1996. It is an annotated bibliography of articles and sections of books, documents and looseleaf services which list citations to state laws on various subjects. It is organized by subject with see and see also references to other headings. Earlier volumes cover 1960-1994. The newest editions include lists of web-based compilations on the Internet.
The Tulane Law Library has this title (KF 1 .F67).

Uniform Laws Annotated.    (St. Paul, MN.: West Publishing Co.).

This Series contains model uniform laws on various subjects (e.g., arbitration, child custody, extradition, trade secrets), many of which have been adopted, in some form, by individual states in the U. S. Each section also includes a Table of Adopting Jurisdictions which includes the cite to the enacting legislation, and the effective date and statutory form of citation. This is a good source for comparing the laws of several states. This set is kept up to date with pocket parts.
The Tulane Law Library has this on Reserve ( KF 165 .A5).

Sources for Primary Administrative Materials

Louisiana Register.   (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana Office of the State Register).

This monthly periodical publishes certified regulations and legal notices issued by the executive branch of the state government. These include executive orders issued by the governor, agency rules and regulations having general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by act of the Louisiana Legislature, and other state agency documents of public interest.

Louisiana Administrative Code.   (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana Office of the State Register).

This set comprises approximately twenty permanent volumes, supplemented in some cases by interim booklets of amendments, containing state agencies' rules which have been formally adopted or amended with legislative authority and through legal rulemaking procedure. The volumes each represent broad subject areas, such as hazardous waste or wildlife and fisheries.

Sources for Primary Legislative Materials

Acts of the State of Louisiana.   (Baton Rouge, LA).

This set comprises a chronological listing of the text of enacted Louisiana, laws published at the end of every legislative year.

Louisiana Legislative Calendar.    (Baton Rouge, LA).

The Calendar lists bills in numerical order, once a week during the session. It indexes bills and gives history and status.

Louisiana Legislative House and Senate Bills.    (Baton Rouge, LA).

These slip bills are available in paper and microfiche in the library. They can also be requested from the Clerk of the House or Senate, from legislative sponsors or committees or purchased from commercial services.

Louisiana Legislative Official Journal of the House and Senate.   (Baton Rouge, LA).

This includes daily outlines of a bill's progress, voting records of legislators, absence reports, etc. It does not include verbatim floor debates.

Louisiana Legislative Resume.   (Baton Rouge, LA).

This is published at the end of each legislative session and includes detailed tables of all legislative activity. It has short abstracts on changes made by new Acts and information on vetoed, repealed or suspended laws. It is indexed and has tables with approval and effective dates by bill number and tables with statute sections affected.

Louisiana Statutes Annotated   (LSA)   (St. Paul, MN.: West Publishing Co.).

This set is a commercially published subject arrangement of the Acts. Bound volumes are updated by pocket parts. The indexing is good and includes a popular name table. The annotations include histories of the statute with Act numbers. Subject codes such as the Code of Criminal Procedure are part of the set.

West's Louisiana Session Law Service.  (St. Paul, MN.: West Publishing Co.).

This pamphlet comes out about a month after the session adjourns. This is the first subject index to the Acts until the Acts of the State of Louisiana is published.

Other States' Statutes

Publication of bills and enacted laws is unique to each state. Use some of the other sources listed in this guide to determine the titles and publishers for other states.

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