Tulane University
Anthropology 406-02
Spring 2010
Chris Rodning

Chris Rodning

Conflict, Violence, and Warfare

The major goals for students in this course are:

Every section of the anthropology proseminar is devoted to a particular theme, which is then explored from the perspective of the four major subfields of anthropology, including archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. Anthropology is a holistic field of study, and students in this course will learn how to evaluate many kinds of anthropological evidence that are relevant to our knowledge of culture contact and colonialism in the past and present. Students will learn how anthropologists in the different subfields frame research questions, and how they draw conclusions from the many kinds of data they collect. Students in this course will also become familiar with some of the major journals in which anthropological research is published and discussed, many of which are now available both in print and in digital format on line.

Some of the skills that students will develop through taking this course:

This class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30PM until 4:45PM in Newcomb ??.

Office hours are Wednesdays from 2PM to 4PM, or by appointment, at 1326 Audubon.

Chris Rodning

Tulane University
Department of Anthropology

Course textbooks can be purchased at the Tulane University Bookstore, at other bookstores, or through online booksellers.

Additional course readings, as well as articles on related topics, will be made available on Blackboard.



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