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New Special Offering for Spring, 2004


Russian 291 Czech Language and Culture


This course is open to all who are interested in things Czech. No previous knowledge of Czech or any Slavic language is required. Experience in learning a language desirable — some Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, for example, but also not required.


This course is not a mere introductory language course; it is multi-dimensional and has been designed to introduce you to the language and the people who speak it. You will learn to read and understand simple spoken discourse and get a good start with the grammar. You will also learn about the Czech people, their place in European history, music, art and literature. You will see my recent videos from Prague, Brno, southern Moravia, and Vienna (that's not Czech, of course but the culture is very close). You will read Capek's conversations with President Masaryk, listen to some Dvorak and Martinu, read Bozena Nemcova's The Grandmother or Jaroslav Hasek's Good Soldier Svejk. We are also inviting a guest lecturer from Germany/Czech Republic to lead some discussions. At the course's conclusion, come with me to visit this fascinating land! See you in Newcomb and then in Prague.

The course does not satisfy the proficiency requirement, but counts as a humanity. Call #5276 for more.

Pictures from the Czech Republic




Old Town Square in Prague.



My favorite pub in Prague. No tourists, no English.