TSDS has 6 presentations at 2021 AGU in New Orleans!


TSDS @ AGU 2021

TSDS had another great conference showing at this years American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting that just wraped in New Orleans. In total we had 6 presentations, all listed below, including some youtube links to talks.

Barefoot, E.A., Nittrouer, J., Straub, K.M., Time dilation in the stratigraphic record driven by changes in fluvial morphodynamics, Oral.

Sanks, K.M., Zapp, S.M., Silvestre, J., Shaw, J., Dutt, R., Straub, K.M., Marsh deposition has a first-order control on channel kinematics in an experimental river delta, Oral.

Wahab, A., Galliot, G., Hoyal, D.C., Shringarpure, M., Zhang, A., Liu, E., Straub, K.M., Leveraging a depth-averaged model for submarine fans for interpretation of stratigraphic architecture imaged by high-resolution seismic data, Oral.

Mukherjee, U. and Straub, K.M., Field testing autogenic storage thresholds for environmental signals in the strata of the Mississippi Delta, Oral.
Youtube video of presentation

Silvestre, J., Sanks, K.M., Zapp, S.M., Shaw, J., Dutt, R., Straub, K.M., Linking shoreline transgression to spatial scales of subsurface organic carbon reservoirs in deltas, Poster.

Reece, J.K., Dorrell, R.M., Straub, K.M., Quantifying the three-dimensional depositional mechanics of turbidity currents in minibasins across the fill to spill transition, Poster.