Abramson Success


Congratulations Brandon

We were recently notified by Abramson Science and Technology Charter School that Branson Theodore one two awards at the I-SWEEEP 2010 Science fair for a project he completed at Tulaneís Sediment Dynamics lab. I-SWEEEP 2010 brought together over 1,000 of the brightest science like-minded students and their supervisors in Houston. Young scientists from 70 countries and 43 U.S. states displayed 470 science projects about pressing energy, engineering, and environmental issues. Abramson junior, Brandon Theodore, successfully represented Abramson and Louisiana in the international competition. After vigorous competition with the bests of the bests from around entire world, Brandon managed to bring back 2 special awards : U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research and HUNSTEM (Houston Urban Network for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Award of Excellence. Brandonís project centered around understanding how the grain-size impacts that amount of land that can be generated in delta restoration projects.