Grant Success


Funding success with NSF's GeoPRISMS Program

We were recently notified that we will be receiving funding from NSF's GeoPRISMS Program to study ancient passive margin dynamics by relating geomorphic and stratigraphic surfaces. This project will be performed in collaboration with Ben Sheets research group at the University of Washington.The grant includes money for graduate and undergraduate support (please contact me if you are interested in pursuing research on this topic). The objective of this project is to improve our ability to invert the stratigraphic record for paleo-surface-dynamics and topography. The architecture of continental margin stratigraphy contains features which resemble bars, channels, and channel networks, yet scientists cannot precisely reconstruct the relationship between these preserved deposits and the geomorphic processes that constructed them. This is unfortunate, as the stratigraphic records of modern systems contain invaluable information that could improve our ability to interpret paleo climatic and tectonic records in active and ancient rift settings.

We will investigate this problem through reduced scale experiments, in which surface topography is monitored at high spatial and temporal scales. Coupled with digital images of stratigraphy produced by these experimental systems, the topographic data will allow us to quantify the relationship between geomorphic and stratigraphic surfaces.