Start of TDWB-13-1


Fernandes startes TDWB-13-1, experiment focused on shelf-edge deltas and associated deepwater fans

Post-doctoral fellow Anjali Fernandes recently started a new experiment in our deepwater basin. The experiment, TDWB-13-1, is part of a set of experiments designed to examine connections between self-channelized deltas and their associated deepwater fans, when deltas exists at the shelf-edge. These shelf-edge deltas (SEDs) are important for transferring environmental signals from land into the marine realm where they are stored in deepwater stratigraphy. These deposits also form economically important hydro-carbon reservoirs. Specifically, Anjali is interested in quantifying how these linkages influence the architecture of continental stratigraphy and the autogenic process time-scales associated with the surface dynamics. Planning and preparation for this experiment has gone on for close to 6 months, so we are thrilled to have everything up and running and are looking forward to the science to come out of the experiment. This experiment will be the first in our deepwater basin to utilize a base-level control system, automated water and sediment delivery systems, and a LiDAR topography scanner. The experiment is funded through a collaboration with Shell Exploration and Production.