GRL publishes group effort
research on marsh-deltaic channel
interactions led by Sanks

Abdul Wahab wins Outstanding
Student Presentation Award from AGU

Method to estimate environmental
signal storage in strata
published in Nature Comms

TSDS has 6 presentations at
2021 AGU in New Orleans!

JGR-E.S. publishes Barefoot work
on nonmonotonic response of
rivers to flood magnitudes

TSDS welcomes a new student:
James Lopez

Silvestre gives poster at EGU 2021,
one of four TSDS EGU presentations

New paper led by Vamis Ganti on
hierarchy & stratigraphy is out in GRL

TSDS welcomes a new student:
Kakonkwe Christian

Chris Esposito's last PhD thesis
chapter, on morphodynamic impacts
of flow loss in deltaic channels, is out
in WRR

Frontiers publishes new paper on
criteria for submarine channel avulsions

AGU publishes Grand Challenge Review
Paper on interpreting the stratigraphic

1st experiment on Marsh-delta
coupling nears completion, which
is part of collaborative project
with University of Arkansas

TSDS welcomes a new student:
Jose Silvestre

Frontiers in Earth Science publishes
TSDS work on shelf-edge deltas

GRL publishes TSDS work led by Stephan Toby
on shredding sediment supply signals

Experiment led by Eric Barefoot
from Rice University on hydroclimate
transitions nears completion

Kevin Reece runs pilot mini-basin
experiments to quantify link between basin
shape and turbidity current-basin interactions

JSR publishes Esposito et al.'s
work on floods and stratigraphy

Paola et al. review of time in stratigraphy published in AREPS   

Geology publishes Li et al. work
on erosional signal propagation

Geology publishes TSDS paper
on stratigraphic completeness

Qi Li et al.'s paper on sediment cohesion
and stratigraphy comes out in JGR-E.S.

Hajek and Straub review of Autogenics published
in Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Science Advances publishes study by Foreman &
Straub on resolution of proxy records in strat

JSR Publishes study by Yu et al. on relative
sea-level's influence on stratigraphy

TSDS work featured in Earth Magazine   

Congrats to Dr. Esposito who just completed his thesis   

TSDS experimental data now available online   

JGR-E.S. publishes Trampush work on
measuring stratigraphic compensation

New Wave Story on TSDS Research   

3 TSDS student presentations at AGU   

Congrats to Lizhu!   

Geology publishes Fernandes et al.
work on Backwater Sedimentology

Stephan Toby from Liverpool conducts experiments
on Sediment supply cycles with TSDS

TSDS welcomes a new member   

Congrats to Dr. Qi Li who just defended his thesis!   

Congrats to Meg Harlan on her graduation and
completing a undergrad honors thesis with TSDS

Geology publishes TSDS work on relative sea level
influence on stratigraphy

GRL publishes TSDS work on sediment cohesion   

TSDS Welcomes 2 new members   

Straub Promoted to
Associate Professor with Tenure

NSF to fund Signal Shredding work   

TSDS travels to Grand Junction, CO to
attend SEPM Research Conference on
Autogenic Dynamics in Sedimentary Systems

Esposito and Straub travel to Siberia
to attend the 2014 International Deltas
Meeting held on the shores of Lake Baikal

Li starts TDB_14_1 experiment: The first in a
sequence of experiments aimed at defining
signal shredding of base-level cycles

Chris Esposito receives two honors this spring   

Anjali Fernandes starts NCED2
synthesis postdoc with TSDS & others

TSDS launches YouTube channel   

JSR publishes TSDS work on channel
steering experiments in Jurassic Tank

Sedimentary Geology publishes joint UT Austin & TSDS work
on channel steering in Mississippi Delta seismic stratigraphy

Geophysical Research Letters publishes joint CSM
& TSDS work on hydraulic fractionation in turbidites

American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research
Fund does web story on Sed. Dynamics Lab

Diana Di Leonardo joins Sediment Dynamics Group   

Fernandes startes TDWB-13-1, experiment focused on
shelf-edge deltas and associated deepwater fans

EOS features work by Straub &
Wang in Research Spotlight

EOS features work by Straub &
Esposito in Research Spotlight

New Wave article on James Lee Wilson Award   

Qi Li presents research at this year's AAPG meeting   

Straub to serve as GeoPRISMS Distinguised Lecturer   

All 3 Sediment Dynamics
Group students receive awards

Li and Benson start new delta basin
experiment focused on sediment cohesion

JSR publishes work by Straub &
Pyles on stratigraphic hierarchy

Anjali Fernandes joins Sediment Dynamics Group   

Matt Benson joins Sediment Dynamics Group   

Sediment dynamics laboratory featured in
departmental newsletter

I just received a new appointment at Tulane:
The Ken and Ruth Arnold Professor in
Earth and Ecological Sciences

SEPM (Society for Sedimentology) awards
James Lee Wilson Young Scientist Award

JGR-Earth Surface publishes work by
Straub et al. on bed thickness statistics

Jane Stammer from Colorado School of Mines visits
Sediment Dynamics lab to conduct fractionation
experiments in deep water basin

SEPM publishes special volume on shallow seismic
geomorphology including paper by Straub et al.

Tulane's New Wave article on Sediment Dynamics Lab   

Sed Dynamics lab receives funding to study
fractionation in turbidity currents

Tulane's Deepwater basin goes live!   

JSR Compensation paper wins
Outstanding paper of the year award from SEPM

'Geology' to publish Yinan Wang's work
on stratigraphic architecture

More Grant success with NSF   

Grant Success with
NSF's GeoPRISMS Program

Abramson Science Fair Success   

Grant Success with ACS-PRF   

The first experiment in Tulane's Delta Basin   

Construction has begun on
our new deepwater basin

Modeling compensational stacking
of sedimentary deposits

Unearthing the physics
of landscape erosion

Last modified: 30 July 2022