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Kyle M. Straub
Curriculum vitae

Contact Info:
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Tulane University
6823 St. Charles Avenue
203 Blessey Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118
kmstraub at tulane dot edu

Abdul Wahab
Doctoral Student
Stratigraphic statistics of deepwater fan deposits

Personal Website

Udita Mukherjee
Doctoral Student
Studying: Response of Gulf of Mexico Shelf-edge to Last Glacial Maximum

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Kevin Reece
Doctoral Student
Mini-Basin Morphology and stratigraphy

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Jose Silvestre
Doctoral Student
The stratigraphic record of Marsh-delta coupling

James Lopez
Doctoral Student
Studying: Propagation of environmental signals from land, through the ocean, and into deepwater strata

Chloe Griffin
Doctoral Student, primarily based out of University of Liverpool
Dynamics of granual systems

Lab Spirit Dog: Monty
Monty got his PhD in belly rubs from Hounds University
His fields of study: nap taking and birding

TSDS Alumni
Anjali Fernandes: Postdoc 2012-2015.
Kelly Sanks: Ph.D. 2021.
Eric Barefoot: Ph.D. 2021.
'Bobola Akintomide: Ph.D. 2021.
Sam Zapp: M.S. 2020.
Stephan Toby: Ph.D. 2019.
Christopher Esposito: Ph.D. 2017.
Qi Li: Ph.D. 2016.
Jane G. Stammer: Ph.D. 2014.
W. Matthew Benson: M.S. 2017.
Lizhu Yu: M.S. 2016.
Tushar Bishnoi: M.S. 2016.
Yinan Wang: M.S. 2011.