Student Theses
Barefoot, E.A., 2021, Influence of climate-modulated flooding on fluvial morphodynamics and stratigraphy, Ph.D.

Toby, S.C., 2019, Environmental signal propagation, preservation and shredding in sedimentary systems, Ph.D.

Esposito, C.R., 2017, The sodden swamps that surround them: Three essays concerning the links between river channels and their overbank environments, Ph.D.

Benson, W.M., 2017, Translating between the surface and subsurface: comparison of stratigraphic and paleo-topographic statistics, M.S.

Yu, L., 2016, Scaling the response of deltas to relative sea level cycles by autogenic space and time scales: A laboratory study, M.S.

Li, Q., 2016, Discriminating the products of allogenic forcings and autogenic processes from sediment sources to sinks, Ph.D.

Harlan, M., 2016, Defining metrics of channel mobility and their link to the architecture of channelized stratigraphy: A laboratory study, Undergraduate.

Stammer, J.G., 2014, Hydrodynamic fractionaltion of minerals and textures in submarine fans: Quantitative analysis from outcrop, experimental, and subsurface studies, Ph.D.

Wang, Y., 2011, Quantifying process-based controls on compensational stacking of channelized sedimentary deposits, M.S.

Last modified: 23 July 2020