Tulane work on documenting stratigraphic completeness

Movie illustrating stratigraphic (in)completeness of TDB-13_S2 delta experiment

Movie shows how stratigraphy is constructed for a strike section from TDB-13-S2 delta. Delta constructed in an experimental basin with constant feeds of water and sediment and constant creation of accommodation from a constant base level rise such that location of shoreline is in a longterm sense in equilibrium with accommodation production, but autogenics cause short term deviations. Left side panel shows construction of stratigraphy in space x space plot, while movie on right hand side shows Wheeler plot of stratigraphy with black locations representing time x space pairs where no sediment is preserved due either to periods of stasis or periods of erosion. More details of experiment can be found in manuscript:
Straub, K.M. and Foreman, B.Z., 2018, Geomorphic stasis and spatiotemporal scales of stratigraphic completeness, Geology, v. 46, p. 311-314, DOI:10.1130/G40045.1.

Last modified: 2 November 2019