Tulane Sed. Movies

Tulane Sediment Dynamics Laboratory Youtube Channel

Youtube Movies of Straub Seminars

Influence of Sediment Supply Cycles on Delta Dynamics & Stratigraphy

Morphodynamics of Shelf-Edge Deltas Subject to Constant vs. Dynamic Sea Level

Stratigraphic Completeness Documented in Experimental Deltas

The Stratigraphic Nyquist Frequency for Sampling Climatic History

Influence of Floods on Delta Dynamics & Stratigraphy

Influence of Sea Level on Delta Dynamics & Stratigraphy

Influence of Cohesion on Delta Dynamics & Stratigraphy

Autogenic Dynamics in Channelized Systems and Their Stratigraphic Products

Channel Steering by Relay-Ramp Subsidence Pattern

Evolution of Sapping Channel Networks

Turbidity Current Experiments in Sinuous Channels

Turbidity Current Experiments in a 2-D Mini-Basin

Last modified: 14 September 2019