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MLA has formally accepted our proposal concerning HSOCLCUG funds!


Here's an update on what HSOCLCUG has been doing - and an invitation to HSOCLCUG's last meeting.

The MLA Board of Directors approved HSOCLCUG's request to donate its remaining funds to MLA at the Board's February 17-19 meeting in Chicago. When Health Sciences OCLC Users Group disbands later this year, the funds will be forwarded to MLA and placed in a Temporarily Restricted Fund to be used for the purposes stated in HSOCLCUG's formal proposal to MLA.

Details of the proposal are on the HSOCLCUG website. In summary, the proposal is that the remaining funds be used to support a health sciences librarian to attend occasional OCLC Members Council meetings and to represent our interests to OCLC.

An HSOCLCUG officer will present a short update on developments at the MLA/TSS Business Meeting in San Antonio on Tuesday, May 17, which is scheduled from 7 to 9 a.m. Please attend the Business Meeting if you can.

Please review the following documents linked here prior to the MLA/TSS Business Meeting. There is a proposal for an OCLC Special Interest Group (SIG) in MLA. Please review the proposed Statement of Purpose [.pdf version] for this SIG and be prepared to comment and or sign this document at the MLA Annual meeting. There is also a guideline document which outlines the qualifications and responsibilities of the MLA allied representative to OCLC for the MLA President-elect to use in selecting a representative to attend the OCLC Members Council Meeting: QUALIFICATION for MLA Allied Representative to OCLC. [.pdf version]

Comments from the MLA/TSS membership are requested prior to the Business meeting, so that any necessary amendments may be made, and so that the business may proceed quickly. Contact Mary Holt <> prior to May 12, 2005. Please email discussion and remarks on the membership concerns, communication issues and how best to maintain a strong voice to advocate issues of interest to this Section and medical librarians in the larger OCLC global community.
Mary Holt and Dan Kniesner will present a special poster on HSOCLCUG's early history on Monday, May 16, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Following the poster session will be a "Farewell to HSOCLCUG" social event at nearby Dante's Pizza at 7 p.m. It will be HSOCLCUG's last meeting ever.

All HSOCLCUG members, past and present HSOCLCUG officers, all MLA/TSS members, and past and present MLA/TSS officers are invited to this final social event. Dante's Pizza is at 410 E. Commerce Street, just three blocks west of the Marriott RiverCenter, the MLA conference hotel. It is on the southeast corner of Commerce and Presa. The event will include a complimentary salad bar/pasta bar/pizza buffet.

Please RSVP email Mary Holt ( or Dan Kniesner ( by May 6 if you plan to attend so that we may have an estimate of how many will be there. We will be announcing this also in an article in Technical Trends.

Janice J. Powell Muller, President
Judith Dzierba, Past-President
Dan Kniesner, Administrative Secretary & Archivist
Charlie Lackey, Start of Message
Editor Mary Holt, Web Coordinator