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QUALIFICATION for MLA Allied Representative to OCLC:

MLA member employed in an OCLC member library


1.  Administrative or policy level position in a health science library preferred.

2.  Knowledge of OCLC systems and services.

3.  Prior experience on the Board of an OCLC Regional Group, or other experience or knowledge of OCLC governance.


1. MLA Allied Representative to OCLC should be able to attend OCLC Members Council at least once during tenure as the allied representative and/or as needed during term to advocate on a specific issue. 

< http://www.oclc.org/memberscouncil/ >

(OCLC Members Council meets three times a year in Dublin , Ohio . Meetings cover a variety of topics and include activities designed to implement the current year's annual plan prepared by the Members Council Executive Committee.   A review of the topics to be covered should be made via the Members Council website for issues of pertinence to the medical community. Minutes of each Members Council should be read and comments and questions made to the appropriate contacts, such as Chairs of Members Council interest groups.

2.  Report to OCLC Special Interest Group (SIG) each year. Update the appropriate MLA Sections concerning issues of importance. --Pending approval of SIG.

3.  Plan the OCLC Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting each year for the MLA Annual, with a co-convener (appointed from MLA/TSS).   Plan the topic/programming and enlist OCLC in support of the programming through the designated OCLC advisor for this Special Interest Group. --Pending approval of SIG.

[Re: Pending approval of SIG.  If a SIG is not approved the representative should report to the MLA headquarters for disseminations to the appropriate Section/s.]

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