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OCLC Special Interest Group (SIG) in MLA

Statement of Purpose


A new MLA SIG is needed to:


1. lobby and advocate for issues of interest to health science OCLC users;

2. maintain a voice that will be heard and recognized by OCLC Members Council as that of a large group of users with specific needs through an official MLA allied representative to OCLC;

3. provide a forum for exchange of knowledge about OCLC;

4. provide awareness of standards, national and international, that impact OCLC and its users.

Proposal for an OCLC SIG:


The name of the SIG would be OCLC SIG. Ideally there would be two conveners: (1) an appointed MLA allied representative to OCLC, preferably someone in a library administrative position, and (2) an MLA/TSS-appointed co-convener who has a technical services background and strong interest in OCLC issues. The conveners would act as contact points with MLA, organize SIG-sponsored meetings, and coordinate activities as needed. Conveners and SIG members must be members of MLA.


Other resources of the OCLC SIG:


1. The current HSOCLCUG website, maintained by MLA member Mary J. Holt (Tulane University), could be converted to and renamed the MLA OCLC SIG website, and linked to from the MLANet web site.


2. The current HSOCLCUG discussion list MEDCAT, maintained by MLA member Karleen Darr (Shield Library, University of California, Davis), could become the MLA OCLC SIG discussion list MEDCAT.


3. The current HSOCLCUG newsletter Start of Message could be replaced with a "Start of Message" column in the MLA/TSS newsletter Technical Trends.



Signatures of MLA members who agree with this statement of purpose (minimum 15 needed in order for MLA Section Council to grant SIG status):


In Review: Posted to website: 5//4/2005/MH/dk