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The Newsletter of the Health Sciences OCLC Users Group
January 2001

MARC21 Format for Holdings Data in OCLC

Date: October 19, 2000

From: Health Sciences OCLC Users Group

Support for proposal(2000-09-28): "More Serial Holdings Data for WorldCat"

To: Resource Sharing Interest Group, OCLC Users Council

From: Health Sciences OCLC Users Group

Re: MARC21 Holdings format in WorldCat

The Health Sciences OCLC Users Group (HSOCLCUG) would like to submit this short letter of support for the Sept. 28, 2000 proposal submitted by Susan Barnes on development of MARC21 Holdings Format in WorldCat.

HSOCLCUG libraries must input journal holdings data into both NLM's SERHOLD system and OCLC's union listing system. The cost of maintaining both systems independently is becoming more difficult to bear. Meanwhile, NLM's SERHOLD has implemented the MARC21 Holdings Format for serial holdings data, and increasing numbers of HSOCLCUG libraries are also implementing the MARC Holdings Format in their local library systems.

We need to participate in NLM's DOCLINE system and OCLC's interlibrary loan system, both of which are high-use ILL systems.

We ask OCLC Users Council to consider the benefits to all of us of making OCLC union listing efforts more efficient by adopting MARC Holdings Format in order to accept input of serial holdings data in that format. We think it may be the most cost effective for OCLC to develop a single data interchange interface with NLM's SERHOLD system to load holdings changes that have been entered into SERHOLD.

Please add our letter of support to Susan Barnes' proposal and other documentation that may be reviewed at the Users Council meeting.

Thank you.


Mary Holt, HSOCLCUG President-elect
Tulane University Health Sciences Center,
Rudolph Matas Medical Library, New Orleans, LA

Maggie Wineburgh-Freed, MARC21 Liaison for HSOCLCUG
Head, Technical Services Section
Norris Medical Library
University of Southern California

Dan Kniesner, Executive Board HSOCLCUG
Oregon Health Sciences University Library,
Portland OR

Betsy Friesen, Executive Board HSOCLCUG
Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Cindy Goldstein, Assistant Director
Tulane University Health Sciences Center,
Rudolph Matas Medical Library
New Orleans, LA

Millie Moore, Serials Librarian
Tulane University Health Sciences Center,
Rudolph Matas Medical Library
New Orleans, LA


Excerpt from: More Serial Holdings Data for WorldCat

From: Susan J. Barnes, on behalf of the Pacific Northwest Resource Sharing Interest Group
Date: September 28, 2000

Related information published: Press, N. "SERHOLD and the public's access to health information." Bull Med Libr Assoc 88(3) July 2000, 269-272.

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