Oxlajuj Aj: Kaqchikel Mayan Summer Program in Guatemala
Intensive Summer Language and Cultural Course

Sponsored by Tulane University and the University of Texas at Austin

Kaqchikel, one of the principal Mayan languages, is spoken by more than a half-million people in highland Guatemala.  Its long literate tradition, including texts from the XVI century, continues today as literary and pedagogical works in the modern language are published in ever-growing numbers.  Tulane University is offering for the fourteenth year an intensive six-week course in this vital language and its culture.

The summer school begins in beautiful colonial Antigua Guatemala, with frequent trips to nearby towns.  Daily instruction includes small and large group language learning with Kaqchikel instructors, grammar analysis from linguists, and cultural orientation with guest speakers from surrounding communities.  Later weeks are spent in Kaqchikel communities, such as Tecpán and Panajachel.  This course is envisioned as a shared learning experience between students and teachers.  The following courses will be offered for credit: beginning Kaqchikel language, beginning Kaqchikel culture, intermediate Kaqchikel language, intermediate Kaqchikel culture, advanced Kaqchikel language and advanced Kaqchikel culture.

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