Robert S. Hansen

Professor Hansen, who joined the finance faculty in 2001, has taught at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the University of Florida, Gainesville. His teaching and research interests include financial intermediation, corporate finance, valuation, financing, investment banking, underwriting, and private equity. He is published in a number of academic journals that include Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Business, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, and Review of Financial Studies, and has made presentations of his research at universities and conferences around the world and to policymakers at NASD, the SEC, and the Department of Justice. His research has been discussed in the business media. Professor Hansen has received awards for teaching and research, most recently the Irving G. Lavalle Research Award, Tulane University.


Francis Martin Chair in Business












Media Exposure


Recent publications



Can Analysts Pick Stocks for the Long-Run? 2016. With Oya Altınkılı and Liyu Ye, Journal of Financial Economics


What is the value of sell-side analysts? 2015. Evidence from coverage changes. A discussion, 2015. Journal of Accounting and Economics


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Journal of Financial Economics


Are There Economies of Scale in Underwriting Fees? Evidence of Rising External Costs, 2000. With Oya Altınkılı, Review of Financial Studies


Selected unpublished manuscripts


The Illusory Performance of Pensions in Emerging Economies, 2012. With Helmuth Chaves (UFM, Guatemala)


Underpricing to buy holding, 2015. Altınkılı (GWU), Banerjee (UW), and Zhang (Monterey Bay)


The Transformation of Independent Investment Banking Before the Crisis, 2012.

With Oya Altınkılı (GWU, Washington, D.C.) and Emir Hrnjić (NUS, Singapore)


The Operating Performance and Governance of Mexican Firms, 2012. With Luis DeGarate (UDEM, Monterey, Mexico)