Salem Village Assessment:


Name Tax Petition Sort
Abbey, Samuell 7 Pro-P 1
Andrew, Daniell 36 Anti-P 2
Barton, Samull 4 NoS 3
Beele, William 6 NoS 4
Bishop, Edward 14 Anti-P 5
Brabroock, Samuell 6 Anti-P 6
Buckley, William 7 Anti-P 7
1690 Tax Data Set (Sample)

The tax assessments found in the 1690 Tax Data Set are particularly important because, in comparison with other assessments, they are most proximate to the witchcraft outbreak. Initially adopted in 1689, the village reauthorized these rates in July 1690 to remain in effect until July 1, 1691, about six months before the first afflictions appeared in Parris's household in early 1692.

The 1690 Tax Data Set contains four columns of information:

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