More Pro-Parris Analysis

Count of Identification Identification    
Sex Church-Member Householder Grand Total
F 51.92% 45.28% 48.57%
M 48.08% 54.72% 51.43%
Grand Total 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Percentiles: Pro-Parris Petitioners
The relationship of gender and identification among the pro-Parris group can be displayed in a variety of ways by using the "Options" button in the "Layout" window. For example, percentiles can be displayed. Double-click the "Count of Identification" icon in the Data window; click the "Options" button, and choose "% column" instead of "normal data" in the "Show data as:" window. The "Percentile" chart shows that 48.57% of pro-Parris signers were women as compared to 51.43% who were men. The majority of pro-Parris church members, 51.92%, were women, while the majority of householders (54.72%) were men. (Users can follow this procedure but substitute "% of row" or "% of total" to emphasize other aspects of the relationship of gender, householding, and church membership among Parris's supporters.)

Similarly, icons can be reversed in the "Layout" window by choosing the "Identification" icon for Row, the "Sex" icon for Column, and "Count of Sex" for the data field.

Count of Sex Sex    
Identification F M Grand Total
Church-Member 27 25 52
Householder 24 29 53
Grand Total 51 54 105
Pivot Table for Pro-Parris Petitioners

This perspective emphasizes the division pro-Parris church members and householders along gender lines.

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