More Salem Village Analysis

Count of Church to 1696 Church to 1696    
Petition Church Non-Church Grand Total
Anti-P 20.00% 80.00% 100.00%
NoS 2.27% 97.73% 100.00%
Pro-P 47.17% 52.83% 100.00%
Grand Total 24.82% 75.18% 100.00%
Percentiles: Salem Village Taxpayers

The relationship between church membership and factional identification in Salem Village can be expressed in percentiles. In the "Layout" window, double-click the "Count of Church to 1696" icon in the Data field; click the "Options" button, and choose "% row" instead of "normal data" in the "Show data as:" window. The percentile table shows that 75% of Salem Village's taxpayers in the period from 1690-1697 were not church members. Taxpayers who signed the anti-Parris petition were even more likely to be non-church members (80%) while pro-Parris taxpayers were almost as likely to be church members as non-church members. As for Salem Village taxpayers who did not sign either petition, almost 98% were not formally associated with a church. Although the data applies almost exclusively to males, it reinforces findings that the pro-Parris group was disproportionately composed of church members.

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