Salem Town Accusations

Salem Town Histogram

Histogram of Salem Town Accusations 1692

Using the "Salem Town" column as "Input Range" and the "Bin" column for the "Bin Range," a histogram of Salem Town accusations shows a similar, though not identical, pattern as its parish, Salem Village. Almost all the Salem Town victims were charged during the first wave of accusations, beginning in March 1692 and peaking in May.  Only four accusations occurred after the Court of Oyer and Terminer reconvened at the end of June; the sole town accusation in June occurred before the Court adjourned. Although not as conclusive as in Salem Village, very few town residents were charged during the second wave of accusations.

As in Salem Village, the rhythm of accusations in Salem Town was marked by an intense but relatively brief eruption of accusations followed by a sharp and almost complete drop-off. Between March and early June, 83% of its cases occurred. After the Court reconvened in late June, while the town remained prominent as the locale for examinations, grand juries, and trials, victims of the second wave of accusations almost exclusively resided beyond its boundaries.

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Salem Town and Village were only two centers of intense activity in 1692.  To examine Andover, click Next.