The Expansion of Accusations

Accused Witch  Residence Month of Accusation Month of Execution Sort
Good, Sarah  Salem Village 2 7 70
Osborne, Sarah  Salem Village 2 103
Tituba Indian  Salem Village 2 133
Clinton, Rachel  Ipswich 3 33
Corey, Martha  Salem Town 3 9 40
Good, Dorothy  Salem Village 3 69
Nurse, Rebecca  Salem Village 3 7 102
Abbott, Nehemiah, Jr.  Topsfield 4 2
Bishop, Bridget  Salem Town 4 6 10
Bishop, Edward Jr.  Salem Village 4 11
Accused Witches Data Set Sorted By Month of Accusation (Sample)

The sequence of accusations from community to community can be readily seen by sorting the Accused Witches Data Set by the "Month of Accusation" column. Re-open the Accused Witches Data Set and select "Filter" and "AutoFilter" from the Data menu. Click the icon on the "Month of Accusation" column and choose "Sort Ascending. " (Unknown cases, "-1," can be hidden: choose "Row" and "Hide" in the Format menu.)

The "Residence" column in the sorted data set now reveals when different communities were affected. As the chart above illustrates, the first accused person living outside of Salem Village or Town was Rachel Clinton of Ipswich. In addition, by now clicking the "AutoFilter" icon in the "Month of Accusation" column, users can progressively select higher numbers to observe which communities became especially involved as the outbreak proceeded.

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