Hurricane Katrina - What Happened?
A Field Trip

The Geology of the Katrina Disaster in New Orleans

Stephen A. Nelson
Dept. Earth & Environmental Sciences
Tulane University

As of April, 2013, I continue to offer these fields trips as demand dictates and as I can fit them into my schedule. It is amazing that there is still something to see after nearly 8 years.  If you or your group have a sincere interest, please contact me to arrange a date convenient for you or your group. We may ask you to volunteer transportation on the day of the trip. For the trip, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing, and bring a camera, notepad, and something to drink.

Field Trip Guide

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Latest Version 8/19/2015



Older Versions


The field trip to some of the devastated areas of New Orleans is a constantly evolving project.   New versions of the Field Guide are posted frequently and routes change.   The latest version can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF file.  Note also that many of the images are proprietary, so if you use the images, please include the reference to the original sources.

New in this version - New illustrations and photos (since some things are no longer visible (i.e. there has been some progress), photos have been added to illustrate what used to be visible. Updates also include new information that has been published since the previous version and updated refrences.

Last Updated 8/07/08


Images used in the field trip guide and other images concerning Katrina in New Orleans can be downloaded from the Images Page.



Links to important web resources on levee breaches and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.