Constitution for the Tulane University Chinese Student Association

since 04/19/02 / Last update on 02/13/2004

Art. 1. This organization shall be known as the Tulane Chinese Student Association (ROC), hereinafter refer to TCSA.

Art. 2. The purpose of TCSA shall be the promotion of culture exchange and the furtherance of the members.

Art. 3. All Republic of China's Students and other students who are interesting in Taiwanese culture at Tulane University are eligible for membership.

Art. 4. The officers of TCSA shall be a president, a vice president, a treasurer and a secretary.

Art. 5. To be eligible for office, a candidate must at the time of his election be a member in TCSA.

Art. 6. Any officer may be removed from office provided that (1) the faculty counselor shall deem sufficient cause to be present. (2) the removal is requested by no less than one-thirds of the entire members. (3) the president shall call a meeting to approve the removal by a two-thirds vote of the entire members. In case of the removal of the president, the vice president shall call the meeting.

Art. 7. The term of office shall be one year. It shall begin at the termination of the last annual meeting of the preceding year.

Art. 8. The election of officers for the following year shall be held no later than August 31 in the annual meeting under simple majority voting rule.

Art. 9. At the time of election of officers, the TCSA shall also nominate a faculty counselor.

Executive Committee
Art. 10. The management of TCSA shall be vested in the executive committee consisting of the officers of TCSA.

Art. 11. The President TCSA shall be the chairman of the executive committee.

Art. 12. The executive committee shall be the governing body of TCSA and shall transact all business it deems advisable, including the filling of vacancies in offices and authorization of expenditure.

Duties of Officers
Art. 13. The president of TCSA shall preside at all meeting of the TCSA and assume all other duties not otherwise delegated.

Art. 14. The vice president shall perform all functions of the president in his absence, or at his request.

Art. 15. The secretary shall keep a record of all activities of TCSA. Other duties can include advertisement of meeting and events, as well as these duties are not assigned to a special committee.

Art. 16. The treasurer shall receive all money and pay all debts of TCSA, and he shall keep a record of all such transactions.

Art. 17. A complete annual report shall be submitted by the president and the treasurer at the annual meeting of the year.

Art. 18. The TCSA shall hold annual and special meeting at such time and places as designated by the executive committee.

Art. 19. The TCSA is empowered to adopt by-law which are consistent with this Constitution.

Art. 20. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the entire members of TCSA, provided the amendment shall have been proposed at least 30 days previous to the time of voting.

Art. 21. This Constitution will become effective upon its ratification by two-thirds vote of the entire members.

Revised: Oct. 7, 1996.
Effectuation: Oct.1996



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