Growing up in Baton Rouge (my parents returned to their native Louisiana when I was
the ripe old age of 2 months), I attended both Baton Rouge High School (graduating
1984) and Louisiana State University (graduating magna cum laude1988).  At LSU I
majored in anthropology, where I took more classes in archaeology than in biological/
physical anthropology or sociocultural anthropology.  I even spent a field season doing
Mississippian archaeology in north-central
Louisiana as a member of a team led by Prof.
Ann Ramenofsky (then at LSU).  However, biological anthropology, especially human
paleontology, became a passion of mine.  I was especially interested in studying
Neandertals and researching modern human origins, and after reading much of the work
of Prof. Erik Trinkaus (then at the
University of New Mexico), I decided to go to UNM
for graduate school.  There I received broad training in biological anthropology and
paleolithic archaeology.  In addition to working closely with Dr. Trinkaus, I was also
fortunate enough to have taken classes from Lewis Binford, Lawrence Straus, Jeffrey
Long, Jeffery Froehlich, Jane Lancaster, and Hillard Kaplan.  I also took three blocks of
Human Gross Anatomy (Extremities, Cavities, Head and Neck) at the UNM Medical
in 1990-1991.  This was an extremely important component of my training in that
it gave me the opportunity to teach Anatomy and Physiology laboratory and lecture
classes at both UNM and at Albuquerque T-VI (now Central New Mexico Community College)

from 1991-1996. I received an M.A. in anthropology from UNM in 1991, and a Ph.D. in

anthropology in 1995. My thesis was entitled “Body Size and Proportions in the Late

Pleistocene Western Old World and the Origins of Modern Humans”.

In 1994-1995, I  was a Visiting Instructor of Anthropology in the Department of Behavioral
Sciences at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM.  In 1996, I left New Mexico
to accept a year appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the College
of William and Mary
in Williamsburg, VA (where I met my wife!).  In 1997, I moved to
Orlando, Florida, where I was an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of
Central Florida
for one year before coming to my current position at Tulane in 1998.

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