Hopefully you'll find some of these links useful.


American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Paleoanthropology Society

American Anthropological Association

SE Louisiana Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Group


Computer-assisted Paleoanthropology  This is Zollikofer's site, and the work he does is simply amazing.
The eSkeletons Project  Lots of good activities if you're into all things skeletal.

Tom the Dancing Bug  This is one of my favorite cartoons, and the only cartoon I know of with a recurring australopith character!

Planned Obsolescence  This is an interesting literary blog run by a high school friend of mine (Class of 1984 *gulp*).

This Modern World  While he doesn't "blog" much anymore, this is still an old favorite.

A List of Fallacious Arguments  One of my all-time favorites.  One must be vigilant not to use one of these.  I know that I have a bad habit at times of making ad hominem arguments, but I'm working on that....

I'll add more links later, time permitting.

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