So far, all I have are some links down below to some images... I may add more later.

(Relatively) Recent Photos:

Click HERE to go to the CHRISTINE PAGES!!!!!!!

Click HERE to go to the JAMES PAGES!!!!!!!

Click here to see my wife Kathleen in Florida.

Click here to see my wife and me on our honeymoon - this shot is in Glenveigh National Park,
County Donegal, Ireland.  Kathleen recognized the park in the Discovery Channel's program
"Neanderthal!", which was filmed entirely within park boundaries.

Click here to see me in the Tunica Hills, near Pond, MS.  This isn't really too recent a
photo, judging from my hair.  The Tunica Hills are locally famous loess deposits in
Louisiana and Mississippi, with relatively deep ravines that keep them cooler than the
surrounding environs.  As a result the flora there is more like that one finds farther north
(e.g., mountain laurels are there in abundance).

Click here to see my mum and me in the Bluebonnet Swamp, Baton Rouge, LA.

Click here to see my dad and me in Florida.  Nature or nuture?  You decide.

Click here to see my in-laws and me outside Café du Monde here in New Orleans.

Click here to see the late great cat, Cooter.  Cat aficianados will note that he was of the "New
Gray" variety.

Click here to see our house (pre-Katrina).  I should add a picture of its post-K renovation.

New Mexico Photos:

Nuevo Mejico, te amo!  New Mexico is like Louisiana in that both have an endearing Third
quality to them.  I figure that I've lived in the Third World for most of my life, since
I have only spent two years outside of these two states.

Click here to see a scene from the Jemez Mountains that I shot in June 1993.

Click here to see my friend Robert in Embudito Canyon, Cibola National Forest near
Albuquerque, NM.  This was one of our favorite trails in the Sandias.

Click here to see the view from the Lagunitas campground in the Carson National Forest
San Antonio mountain in northern New Mexico.  This was a favorite haunt for Bryan,
Bob, Steve and me (here's one of our camps) - a wonderful spot that I can't get back to
soon enough.

Click here to see a couple of pictures of my friend Bob and me mountain biking in Placitas.

Click here to see my friend Ray and me hiking along the South Peak of the Sandias in June 1991 *gulp*.

Click here to see my other friend Bob on Sandia Peak in 1989 *gulp twice*. 

Click here to see my friend John on the Faulty trail in the Sandias, April 1993.

Here are some scenes from a party in May 1991 - the first shot features Marsha, Chuck, and John;
the second  features Ray, Steve, Jeff, and Jeff's son Alex.  Feeling old, anyone?????

Hey, here's a blast from the past - I'll always remember breakfasts at VeeJay's Café - the last time I
was in Albuquerque I was sad to see that it's no longer there.

Here's a shot of Coot when he was a young cat - about a year old - in my front yard in Albuquerque.

Mais, c'est tout... un jour avenir on vera si je va mettre des autres photos icit.


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