About Us

Rick Vetter is the world’s foremost expert on the biology of brown recluse spiders.  He has studied their distributions for his entire career, publishing over 20 articles on this spider.  He has also conducted research on bee stings and the venom of various spiders.  He works primarily at the University of California, Riverside campus, but travels around the country to conduct research and give lectures on brown recluse spiders.

Margaret Hodge earned a Master’s degree in entomology from the University of Georgia and a PhD studying spiders at the University of Cincinnati.  She now lives in Natchitoches, LA where she investigates spider distributions within the state of Louisiana. 

Mark Fox is a medical entomologist and insect ecologist in the graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University.  His primary research area is the effects of environmental disturbance from flooding on salt marsh ecosystems.  Prior to entering his current program of study, he received a masters degree in Parasitology from Tulane University’s Department of Tropical Medicine.  During the course of his time in that department, he revised the illustrated key used to identify the mosquito species present in Louisiana. 

John Carlson received his MD, and a PhD in parasitology, from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He completed his specialty training in pediatrics with the Tulane/Ochsner pediatrics residency training program.  He subsequently joined the Allergy and Clinical Immunology fellowship training program at Tulane.  He maintains an interest in the clinical manifestations of arthropod bites and stings in addition to his research studying the ecology of medically important invertebrates in the urban environment.