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Employee Recognition Awards


Staff Service Awards

Tulane University values the service of its Staff employees.  The calendar year following the milestone anniversary, Tulane hosts a special event to recognize and thank those individuals who have reached benchmarks in their service.

Tulane Staff employees are recognized for every five (5) years of continuous service to the University.  For Staff employees who have had a break in employment service, only service from the most recent date of hire is counted for Service Awards.

For example, a Staff employee resigns from Tulane after twelve years of service.  Two years later, the former Staff employee returns to work at Tulane.  The twelve years of prior service will not be included in the calculation of service award years due to the break in service.  The returning Staff employee will start to accumulate years at the date of rehire toward his/her service award.

The only exception for prior service recognition is when a Staff employee is laid off by Tulane University and returns to work at the University within a year (12 months).  That individual’s entire length of service, before and after the lay-off, will count toward the service award calculation.

Tulane University Staff Excellence Awards Program

The Tulane Excellence Awards is a recognition program for staff, which rewards up to 10 members of the Tulane staff for outstanding performance on an annual basis.  Award recipients receive a one-time cash prize of $1,000 and will be honored at an annual dinner at the home of the University’s President.  Individuals are nominated in four categories:  Increased Productivity, Enhanced Objectives, Cost Savings and Humanitarianism.

For further information on service awards and employee recognition, contact the WFMO Customer Relations Office at 247-1706.

For details regarding the criteria and nominatin process please view the following links:

2009 Award Notification Letter



These awards are sponsored by the Provost’s office and all are not awarded every year.  For more information please go to:

The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

The President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching were established in 2000 and have been given to full-time faculty members who have a sustained and compelling record of excellence in teaching and learning and an ongoing commitment to educational excellence.  Because the university has established the Weiss Presidential Fellowships to honor undergraduate teaching, since spring 2007 the two President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching have been dedicated to graduate and professional teaching. In addition, several special recognition certificates will also be awarded for undergraduate and graduate/professional teaching expertise (see description following).

The Weiss Presidential Fellowships

In recognition of the importance of undergraduate teaching and with a generous gift from Suzanne and Stephen Weiss, the Board of Trustees has established the Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellowships.

Each fellowship is a university-wide award for a faculty member who has a sustained record of effective, inspiring, and distinguished teaching of undergraduate students and of contributions to undergraduate education. The title, Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow, is a permanent designation, and recipients receive a $5,000 a year award, for four years, as long as they continue to hold a professorial appointment at Tulane University. Faculty members are permitted to hold the title simultaneously with any other named professorship or chair.

If you have any questions about the Provost Awards, please contact Ana Lopez, Associate Provost at 865-5261.



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